Vijaya Bank Chair on Ecology & Environment

Vijaya Bank Chair on Ecology & Environment


A Chair on Ecology and Environment was instituted by the Vijaya Bank to study and bring awareness on Ecological issues of this region.



Bring awareness on Ecology and Environmental issues and conservation of biodiversity.


About the Centre

Vijaya Bank Chair on Ecology & Environment was instituted on 17-12-1987 with an endowment of Rs. 5 lakhs (Rupees five lakhs only).

The Chair is maintaining a botanical garden in the campus, educates students and visitors on importance of our plant wealth, organize workshops, lectures etc on environmental issues.

The objectives of the chair are:

  1. To study and conserve our environment and natural resources.
  2. To undertake relevant research in the field of Ecology and Environment and to provide grants to research in the field.
  3. To organise lectures by inviting eminent scholars/Scientists in the field and make available about 50 copies of the lectures to the donor.
  4. To publish research papers/books pertaining to Ecology and Environment and furnish about 50 copies of such materials to the donor.