Achievements of Centre

Achievements of Centre

Achievements by the Centre and its Staff

Achievements – Highlights

Total No. of  Extension Series Lectures arranged  35
Total No. of Workshops/Seminars/ Demonstrations/ Documentations     40
Total No. of Publications 11
Total No. of Performances arranged 20
Total No. of students trained in the Centre 80
No. of Artists who have been conferred with Yaksha Mangala Prashasthi & Yakshamangala book Award 6
Total No. of Books in the Library 2,550
Total No. of audio/video cassettes 150
Total No. of colleges/institutions benefited through outreach programmes  95


Publications: Total No. 11

Chief Editor: Prof. K.Chinnappa Gowda

1. Yaksha Bhandary (The Reminis’cences of an Yakshagana Artist Sheenappa  Bhandary)

2. Yakshasiri (A Collection of Articles on Yakshagana)

3. Yakshamudi (A Collection of Articles on Yakshagana)

4. Yakshasthree ( A Critical Study of Female Roles, The Female Puranic Character and Yakshagana by Women)

5. Yakshakedage (A Collection of Articles on Yakshagana)

6.  Yakshatharu (A Collection of Articles on Yakshagana)

7.  Jina Yakshagana Samputa – 2 (Yakshagana Prasanga Samputa)

8.  Kota Shivarama Karantharu : Yakshagana Chintane mattu Prayoga (A Collection of Articles)

9. Yakshagana Sthithigathi (A Collection of Critical Articles on Yakshagana)

10. Balipa Gaana Yaana (The Reminis’cences of an Yakshagana playback singer Balipa Narayana Bhagavatha)

11. Yakshagana Prasanga Samputa (A Volume of Yakshagana texts)


Other Significant Achievements :

  • Establishment of Yaksha Mangala Museum
  • Installation of Yaksha Mangala Annual Award
  • Installation of Yaksha Mangala Annual Book Award
  • Formation of Yaksha Mangala Childrens/ Students Troupe
  • Establishment of Archieve(Old manuscripts, Journals, Periodicals etc.)
  • Establishment of Video Centre