Department of Sociology


The Department was established in the year 1980 as the University was established to promote sociological studies in this region. At present the department has four faculty members (1 Professor, 1 Associate Professor and 2 Assistant Professors).

The department has produced 46 PhD’s and at present 18 Research scholars are working for their Ph.D. degrees. 19 M. Phil’s and over 600 students have got their P.G. degree from the department. Most of the alumni of this department are working in various Universities, Colleges, Research Institutes and NGOs. The department was fortunate to have special lectures from eminent sociologists and social scientists like Prof G. N. Ramu, Prof. A. R Desai, Prof. M. N Srinivas, Prof. T.K. Oomman, Prof. Dhanagare, Prof. Asghar Ali Engineer, Prof. Ratna Naidu, Prof. C. Rajagopalan, Prof. Uttam Bhoite and Prof. N. Jayaram, Prof. A.E. Puneet, Prof. Anuradha Bhoite, Prof. Sathyanarayana, Prof. Jogdand, and Prof R Indira.


Transform individuals and serve society by educating, creating and putting socially relevant knowledge to work on large scale encompassing entire society.


To create a brilliant future for the students, faculty and all stakeholders with socially just, equal and inclusive environment and contribute to the modern knowledge society by:

  • World class teaching, scholarship and service with emphasis on excellence and quality.
  • By upgrading syllabus and curriculum emphasizing on social policy and planning.
  • Introducing new courses to encourage social entrepreneurship and overall development.
  • To create efficient Human Resource for Social Development, Social Planning and Policies.