USIC is a central facility created under UGC scheme. USICs are introduced to take care of instruments used in teaching and research including audio-visual equipments in all the departments of university. Various science departments will have costly and sophisticated equipments for their teaching and research purposes. Bringing all the major equipments under USICs is one of the major objectives in creating these centres. It was also visualized to start courses on instrumentation after complete development of centres in three phases.



The mission of the USIC Level-I are

  1. To provide service to university departments/Centres/offices affiliated colleges in repairs and maintenance of their instruments.
  2. To provide and assist to provide analytical services on specialised instruments available in the university
  3. To design and fabricate teaching aids and kits for the use of departments and colleges.

About the Centre

The first phase of UGC programme of USIC Level-I has been established in the year 1996. The main objectives of Level-I are as listed above under mission. Three workshops for servicing, maintaining and repairing of equipments used in teaching and research are established (listed under Laboratories). Academic and technical staff members required for the operation of Level-I were recruited (listed under Faculty). Some of sophisticated equipments also inducted in later stage (listed under Facilities).