Brahmashri Narayana Guru




         Brahmashri Narayana Guru One of the great philosophers, socio-religious reformers and messiahs of downtrodden communities in Kerala, was a product of the nineteenth century colonial milieu, which facilitated the emergence of reform movements in India. A proponent of Adwaitha Philosophy, he stood for universal brotherhood (Om Sahodaryam Sarvatra) and popularized the concept of ‘One Caste, one religion and one God. ‘ He preached social equality, equal opportunity for all, elimination of caste-ridden society, education, all for social and economic progress, access to temples for all, as ‘there is no difference between higher and lower castes and all are equal in the eyes of God. ‘He initiated a social revolution in Kerala by providing an effective leadership to the lower strata of society and enlightened  them about  the need to educate themselves in order to liberate them from the  system that had marginalized them. During his lifetime, his activities made great impact not only in Kerala but also outside the state including the coastal district of Karnataka and other parts.

         A Prolific Thinker and writer, Sri Narayana Guru wrote about his thoughts and published them and they are an invaluable source of inspiration for people who fight against injustice and seek oneness of humanity. His visions, ideas and teachings are very relevant for contemporary Indian society, which is witnessing again a resurgence of fundamentalism and conservatism. In order to preserve and propagate his legacy, It was decided to start a Peetha for study in the name of Brahmashri Narayana Guru and a proposal was sent to the State Government seeking its approval.

         The Government of Karnataka approved the proposal and released a sum of rupees One Crores, vide Order No.ED 71 UDV 2013, dated  08.11.2013 for the establishment of Brahmashri Narayana Guru  Adhyayana Peetha in Mangalore University. Hence necessary statute has been framed. On 19.01.2017. Sri Sidharamaiah Hon Chief Minister of Karnataka Inaugurated the Peetha. Adhayayana Peetha has been  located in the ground floor of University adminstartive building. Sri. Muddu Moodubelle, an eminent scholar in the field of Sri Narayana Guru, has been appointed as Director to  carry out the objectives of the peeta.

On completion of a year, it is proposed to organize different programmes, conferences and research works.




  1. To propagate and popularize the ideals and philosophy of Sri Narayana Guru.
  2. To disseminate and sensitize the younger generation about the social and spiritual issues pertaining to Indian society, raised by Sri Narayana Guru and to enlighten them about the need to carry out the spiritual contents in Sri Narayana Guru’s teaching such as  ‘ One Caste, One Religion and One God’ in order to bring about social harmony and peaceful co-existence.
  3. To publish and distribute literature and information on Sri Narayana Guru’s teachings in simple and intelligible language for the benefit of common people.
  4. To document and create a comprehensive Archive and Library of international standard on the life, work and achievements of Sri Narayana Guru, which will be an important centre for research.
  5. To Promote comparative studies on Sri Narayana Guru and contemporary Social and Religious Thinkers, who influenced Sri Narayana Guru or got influenced by him.
  6. To promote research and further studies on life and achievements as well as impact of Sri Narayana Guru’s work on various communities not only in Karnataka but also outside Karnataka.
  7. To institute scholarship and fellowships to help students from the lower strata of society to pursue study and to carryout research on Sri Narayana Guru.
  8. To create a Gallery/Museum on Sri Narayana Guru with photos, paintings, films, etc. and also a website on the life and work of Sri Narayana Guru and the activities of the Peetha.
  9. To establish the Peetha with its own building within the University campus by mobilizing funds for the same.
  10. To promote any other objectives those are in tune with the teachings of Sri Narayana Guru, which may be relevant for contemporary society.

Upon setting up of the office, located at the ground floor of the Administrative building of the University, this study centre commenced the implementations of the objectives.

         Commencing from 06.03.2017 till 23.08.2017 Ten (10) Special lecture programmes on the life of Sri Narayana Guru were organized at the University campus and in the different affiliated colleges of Mangalore University as well as with other similar interested organizations, by the eminent resource persons. Students and staff of different faculties in the University, colleges and the general public have participated. A book on Narayana Guru in Kannada (Parivarthana Pathashilpi Santhasri Narayana Guru) was published by the Peeta in the year 2017. Besides, brief introduction brochures on the life and works of Narayana Guru, were disseminated (distributed) to the participants during programmes.

         On the occasion of Guru Jayanthi Celebration-2017, this Peeta conducted various Essay and lyric competitions for the students and the general public on the life and works of Narayana Guru which had a good response. Winners (14 numbers in different categories) were honoured with cash Prizes and Certificates in the Guru Jayanthi Function, held on 06-09-2017 at the University Senate Hall.

 A proper Library with books, periodicals, CDs, VCDs is under progress.