Dr. P. Dayananda Pai & Sri. P. Sathish Pai Yakshagana Adhyayana Kendra


Yakshagana is a traditional performing art form, a popular theatre prevalent mainly in the Coastal Karnataka with its world acclaimed unique features. In fact, this theatrical art form of Karnataka is a representative art form of our State. With a history of more than eight hundred years, Yakshagana of Coastal Karnataka has developed into a highly harmonious, synthesized theatre, comprising components like powerful music, colourful costumes, vigorous dance and extempore dialogues, all in their own distinguished style.  In addition to its role as a form of artistic entertainment, Yakshagana has been an effective medium of information, value/moral education, especially to the masses.  In its structure and performance style it enjoys both classical discipline and folk features.

     It is appropriate that Mangalore University has a centre for the study, dissemination, documentation and research of Yakshagana. Dr.P.Dayananda Pai and Sri  P.Sathish Pai Trust has endowed a sum of Rupees one crore towards the establishment of Yakshagana Study Centre in Mangalore University. The activities of the centre will cover academic study, documentation, promotion, training, performances and experiments, publications, dissemination and encouragement of various activities and aspects connected with Yakshagana. It is hoped that the academic concern of the university for Yakshagana will serve as an institutional arrangement for the promotion of its richness and pristine beauty.


Objectives of the Centre

1. Documentation, preservation, promotion and dissemination of traditional Yakshagana in all its styles (Northern, Southern)and variants(Talamaddale, Aata and Gombeyata) and to disseminate Yakshagana through the print and electronic media at local, regional, national and international levels.

2. To impart education in Yakshagana to  the students/interested public with the help of the Yakshagana Gurus.

3. To Organise performances  on academic purposes to propagate  Yakshagana among the youth and public and to conduct workshops, lectures,  demonstrations, experimental performances and interations with the artists and    other schools of related arts like Kathakkali, Therukkuthu etc.

 4. To establish Archives/Museum/Library for study and research on Yakshagana and to organise such activities that will preserve and promote the traditional beauty of Yakshagana so that its distinctive features are identified and continued by the people.

5. To publish literature related to Yakshagana and create a comprehensive  Information Base about Yakshagana and to work in collaboration with other institutions, groups and agencies with similar objectives.