Department of Geography

Department of Geography


The Department of Geography was established in 2016 with an intake of 7 students in the Department of Marine Geology under the stewardship of Dr. Dasharatha P. Angadi. In the year 2022, the department statute was approved by the Hon’ble Chancellor and Government of Karnataka to establish an independent Post Graduate Department of Studies and Research in Geography in University Campus, Mangalagangothri. Currently, Dr. Dasharatha P. Angadi is heading the department as a coordinator since its inception. As on today the Department has produced over 48 M.Sc., and 03 Ph.D. graduates. Presently about 05 Research Scholars are working for their Doctoral Degree.

 Geography is one of the interdisciplinary and stimulating branch of Earth Science. The Department of Geography attempts to bring in an innovative approach in the way the subject is perceived and disseminated. The programme offered aims to integrate both theoretical and practical as well as applied aspects of the subject. At the post-graduate level, the Department offers M.Sc. in Geography and research-focusing studies, leading to the Ph.D. degrees. Post-graduate students may specialize in methodological, physical, or human Geography, Cartography, Statistics, Remote sensing and GIS. The department focuses on adopting and sowing knowledge of the modern techniques in the field of Geography such as Remote sensing, GIS and GPS in academics as well as in research. The Department of Geography endeavours to take the teaching of Geography with multi-disciplinary perspective along with substantial disciplinary depth. Currently the department is running by Dr. Dasharatha P. Angadi and has 3 full time and 1 part time guest faculties.



  1. The vision of this programme is to provide students with both the breadth and depth of knowledge in Geography required for solving real-world problems.
  2. This programme in particular will impart knowledge in conventional and recent concepts and its applications in various areas of Geography.
  3. Further, the programme provides training to students in various practical aspects of Geography.
  4. Students will be able to gain unique knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate applications in new emerging professions related to Geography.


  1. Geography’s long-standing concern with evolving spatial organization and material character of the Earth’s surface is of great relevance in carrying out decision making in both business and government. Geography also became an important part of various academic disciplines like chemistry, economics, and philosophy. In fact, every academic subject has some geographic connection. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare students to cope with the advanced developments in various fields of Geography.


  1. The analytical and research skills gained from this programme provides wide scope for the students to practice as Cartographer, Commercial/residential surveyor, Environmental consultant, Geographical information systems officer, Pollution analyst, Soil Conservationist, Planning and development surveyor, Secondary school teacher, Town planner and many more.