MU Prasaranga


Prasaranga was established in 1986 as a publication wing of Mangalore University. It was commissioned with the objective of imparting awareness and knowledge among the students, scholars and public at large. Every University has the responsibility to give the best scientific education to the student, to carry out research on current problems and issues and also to disseminate knowledge to the common people. The last aim is the social responsibility of a University. Prasaranga of Mangalore University is carrying out this responsibility effectively from 1986. It conducts extension lectures by the experts within the jurisdiction of rural and urban areas of Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Kodagu Districts. Publishing such lectures in the form of books is one of the major activities of Prasaranga. The Prasaranga has organized 60 extension lectures so far.

In the Mangala Extension Lecture Publication Scheme, Prasaranga published 35 books covering a wide range of subjects such as literature, arts, folk media, bio-diversity, genetics and satellites. Another scheme of the Prasaranga is Mangala Research Publication. So far in this scheme Prasaranga published two research books. mangalore University has so far published seven text books for the degree students under the Mangala text Books scheme.

Prasaranga has been involved in the publication of Kannada department, Dr. Shivarama Karantha Chair, Shree Dharmasthla Manjunatheshwara Tulu Chair in both Kannada and English. Prasaranga also conducts book exhibitions on different occasions.